Project goals

Project goals

The Physician's Manual Modernization Project (PMMP) is expected to take five years to complete. The project has six phases and six goals.

Project phases

Phase I

Reviewed the current MSI Physician’s Manual and supporting documentation, conducted interviews with physicians and manual users, completed a cross-country review and developed a project plan (scope and map) with various options for resolving issues. This phase is complete.

Phase II

A standardized clinical terminology was chosen as the basis for modernizing the current manual. More than 200 physicians were engaged to review the diagnoses and service descriptions and identify the additional descriptions required to reflect the modern clinical work. Process changes were defined and a plan was developed for the next phase. This phase is complete.

Phase III

  • Physicians to determine their clinical and service content needs and explore other potential uses.
  • Policies and Processes to be modified based on new terminologies and an information management assessment of requirements will be conducted and will include potential new uses as determined by the physicians.

This phase is complete.

Phase IV

  • Modified policies and processes will be tested and information management/technology modifications will be conducted. This phase is complete.

Phase V

  • Implementation of modified policies, processes and information technology. This phase is complete.

Phase VI

  • Implementation and maintenance of new terminologies.

Project goals

Goal 1: Modernize the schedule of insured services for the people of Nova Scotia.

Goal 2: Establish and implement the framework required to be able to accurately define clinical diagnoses and service descriptions now and into the future. 

Goal 3: Prepare and sustain relevant and accurate supporting documentation.

Goal 4: Update related policy and operational processes.

Goal 5: Align required data and information flows to meet accountabilities and to support clinicians and organizations.

Goal 6: Retain current and increase future data and information use.