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Let's Talk Informatics: Evolution of Enterprise Architecture in Nova Scotia's Health Care System

The One Person One Experience team will share their experience with Sparx Enterprise Architecture software.

Guest speakers:  Lindsay Bertrand, Merrilyn White, Thomas Armstrong and Michael Pierce from the One Person One Experience Team at Nova Scotia Health.

They’ll be talking about Sparx Enterprise Architecture (EA), how the technology is used within the One Person Program, its evolution, how the modelling language has been standardized and what its future uses are in health care more broadly.

About the presenters

Thomas Armstrong - Systems Analyst
Thomas joined the One Person Team in April 2020 while studying Health Information Science at the University of Victoria. Before entering health informatics, Thomas studied Kinesiology at York University and spent over 12 years working in high-performance and recreational sport. Thomas is focusing his work on the One Person Team in enterprise architecture, EA Sparx and Prolaborate.

Lindsay Bertrand - Manager Physician Informatics
Lindsay joined the One Person Team from IWK Health where she is currently the interim manager of adult surgery, the perinatal special care unit and the prenatal clinic. Lindsay brings a vast experience in children’s health where she worked as Respiratory Therapist and Anesthesia Assistant. She is currently completing her Masters in Health Informatics.

Merrilyn White - Senior Analyst
Merrilyn joins the One Person Team from IM/IT Business Intelligence Services initially at IWK Health and recently Nova Scotia Health. She has supported requirements gathering and development of integrated enterprise-wide data sets, as well as implementation of applications at IWK Health and Nova Scotia Health.

Michael Pierce - Business/Systems Analyst
Serving 10 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Communicator Research Operator, Michael has worked in a variety of roles such as Signals Analyst, Electronics Intelligence Analyst and Threat and Target Analyst. After leaving the Military, he pursued a career in medicine as a Paramedic. Over the past eight years he has worked with ground operations in the Halifax area and in the clinical setting of a tertiary care emergency department before joining the IM/IT Virtual Care team in June 2021. The Virtual Care team transitioned from IM/IT to One Person One Experience in September 2021.

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