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Dementia, Dad and Me - Documentary screening

You are invited to a workshop that will involve a special screening of Dementia, Dad and Me following by an interactive session in large and smaller groups. This feature length documentary film was created by Hannah Minzloff, Truefaux Films.

The onset of his Lewy Body Dementia has brought a dramatic change to the relationship Hannah has with Rainer, her father. The documentary follows the two of them as they navigate the delicate transition from father-daughter to caregiver and cared-for. A child of the second world war, Rainer saved everything, ‘just in case’. He has no desire to let any of his possessions go, apparently unaware of the burden on Hannah, his daughter. While an introvert, Rainer has always been a storyteller. Now, deprived of recall, photographs and other possessions are, at times, the hook which captures Rainer's slippery, elusive memories. So Hannah hangs onto Rainer's stuff, hoping it'll pull out more of his stories.

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