Cancelled: Canadian Collaborative Mental Heatlh Care Conference

Recurring Event

daily, starting from Friday, June 5th, 2020 - 9:00 AM, 2 times
The theme is "Collaboration Cultivates Community."

Goals and learning objectives:

Increase knowledge about inter-personal collaborative practice in mental health, and in particular:

  • Illustrate the value of meaningful engagement of people with lived epeirence in the design, evaluation and improvement of care services, and in the development of a "culture of collaboration"
  • Exchange knowledge related to collaborative practice in mental health to support replication and successful implementation of innovative and impactful programs ('evidence-based practice')
  • Promote the participatory generation of new knowledge by engaging clinician-innovators, service users and others to evaluate and improve programs in practice ('practice-based evidence' and quality improvement)
  • Facilitate dialogue between the various stakeholders who have a key role in play in advancing integrated and collaborative mental health care, including clinicians, service useers and carers, policymakers and researchers

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Event Location

Halifax Convention Centre
1650 Argyle St
Halifax NS B3J 0E6