Skin Spectrum Summit

Canada's Conference on Ethnodermatology - Skin Spectrum Summit - Toronto

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Canada’s Conference on Ethnodermatology - Skin Spectrum Summit, is a landmark one-day educational event, that takes place in 3 major Canadian cities. The Summit is designed to enhance the patient care provided by GPs, FPs, NPs, Dermatologists, and Residents, when treating patients with skin of colour, notably Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types III-VI.

Learning objectives: Learn about the different skin conditions in Canada's ethnic population including the manifestations of common dermatological problems for persons with skin of colour. Improve diagnostic practices of different skin conditions in the growing ethnic population. Learn strategies and tools to better manage patients with skin of colour including potential unique challenges that they may face in their treatment.

Topics will include: Acne vulgaris and scarring conditions; Challenges of treating psoriasis in skin-of-colour patients; Managing melasma and vitiligo; Sun protection and aging concerns in darker, and other, skin types; Improving outcomes in atopic dermatitis for patients with skin of colour; Assessing hair and scalp disorders, including in skin of colour 

Curriculum Chair: Toronto: Dr. Gary Sibbald, University of Toronto

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Chestnut Conference Centre
89 Chestnut Street
Toronto ON M5G 1R1

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There is convenient parking at Toronto City Hall as well as numerous hotels in the area within walking distance.