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Beyond the Basics: Enhancing virtual care

Through knowledge and experience sharing, this webinar aims to increase readiness of providers and teams to transition to or use virtual care technologies in their practice, support practice change / improvement, increase awareness of key resources for support, and create connections between providers.

Audience: Primary health care providers, teams and leaders in all practice settings, along all stages of virtual care readiness and experience from pre-contemplative to beginner to those with intermediate experience.

Learning objectives:

  • Increase familiarity with advanced and innovative uses of virtual technologies to provide care, including asynchronous care
  • Increase understanding of how to improve virtual care through a quality improvement lens
  • Increase awareness of resources / supports available to improve virtual care

There are no pre-requisites to participation. The webinars are being offered via WebEx, and will be recorded and shared on the website for future reference. Registration is required.

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