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2021 DMAA Alumni Recognition Awards

Join this live virtual celebration of the award recipients, hosted by Dean David Anderson and featuring DMAA president Dr. Kathy O’Brien, our award recipients and others.

The DMAA alumni recognition awards celebrate Dalhousie Medical School alumni for their outstanding achievements in research and clinical practice, as well as their contributions to the medical school, our students, and the community.

2021 award recipients include Dr. Bonnie Henry (MD ’90), Dr. Janice Fitzgerald (PGM ’96), Dr. Heather Morrison (MD ’99), Dr. Jennifer Russell (PGM ’01), Dr. Kevin Robbins (MD ’74), Dr. Michel Fleming (MD ’78), Dr. Ian Epstein (MD ’04), Dr. Marissa LeBlanc and Dr. Colin Boyd.

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Dalhousie Medical Alumni Association

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