What is the Blended Capitation Funding Model Pilot Project?

What is the Blended Capitation Funding Model Pilot Project?

The Blended Capitation Funding Model pilot project is the first step in the process toward creating a provincial model. 

Background and benefits

Per the 2019 Master Agreement, the Department of Health and Wellness and Doctors Nova Scotia have co-developed a blended capitation funding model pilot project as a first step toward creating a provincial model. 

The model is designed to promote and support:
•    Comprehensive, office-based family medicine
•    Greater patient attachment to care
•    Better access and quality care for patients
•    Greater physician recruitment and retention, and improved professional satisfaction

The blended capitation funding model pilot project requires a commitment between the patient and physician to enable improved patient care. Physicians work together to provide continuous, comprehensive, office-based care to patients. This includes providing same-day/next-day appointments, evening/weekend access and ensuring continuity of care for all patients within the practice. Patients are encouraged to seek all primary health care services at their clinic to ensure coordinated, continuous and comprehensive care. 

Four to eight family medicine practices are needed to participate in the pilot project. Physicians who are currently in a collaborative practice or those who are willing to transition from a solo practice to a collaborative practice model, and who already or are willing to provide enhanced patient access, would be ideal candidates for this pilot. Chosen practices will test the newly developed model to help inform a future province-wide model.

It is anticipated the pilot project will run until at least March 31, 2023, which is the end of the current Master Agreement.

Interested in applying?

To participate in the pilot project, interested practices should submit an expression of interest (EOI).

Here’s what you need to know before you submit an EOI.

This is a joint project between Doctors Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

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