Blended Capitation Funding Model

Blended Capitation Funding Model

The Master Agreement provides a funding model to promote and support comprehensive family medicine.

The 2019 Master Agreement includes a commitment to develop a blended capitation funding model to promote and support comprehensive family medicine, greater attachment, access and quality for patients, and greater recruitment, retention and professional satisfaction for physicians.

The model will be developed by the Master Agreement Management Group (or a subcommittee of that group) and will be rolled out to physicians by April 1, 2021. 

The model will provide fixed remuneration in the form of a capitation rate per patient per year (age and sex adjusted capitation weights; designed to represent 70% of earning), as well as fee-for-service at a rate of 30% of services billed.

The model will also include an access bonus to incent physicians to implement strategies to ensure patients have timely access to primary care.

All family physicians will be eligible for consideration to convert to the model, as long as they:

  • Commit to provide comprehensive continuous primary healthcare services across the life span, based on patient needs and responsive to documented needs of the geographic community they serve;
  • Commit to use an electronic medical record;
  • Have an appropriate team size (to be determined by MAMG)

Transition to the blended capitation model will be voluntary. Physicians currently paid through either fee-for-service or alternative payment plan will have the opportunity to convert to the blended capitation funding model if they are interested and meet the eligibility criteria.


The Master Agreement provides $3.3 million in the third year of the contract (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022) and $4 million in the fourth year of the contract (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023.)


Jessica Moore
Compensation manager, Master Agreement and Fee Schedule
1-800-563-3427 ext. 4922

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