Master Agreement programs and funding

Master Agreement programs and funding

The Master Agreement provides funding for several programs that are paid out either through fees or as lump-sum payments.

These funding programs are generally available to fee-for-service physicians, but some apply to physicians on alternative payment plans (APPs). Under the terms of the 2015 contract, some funding programs will convert to fees and will no longer be available to APP physicians. There is more information about Master Agreement funding programs applicable to APP physicians.

Payment eligibility for most funding programs depends on your MSI billings, and is identified through fee codes, specific fee modifiers or the attainment of billing thresholds. Accurate and comprehensive MSI billing is essential, regardless of your payment model.

Electronic medical record grants
Funding is available for any EMR that fits Canada Health Infoway's definition, which has been adopted by Doctors Nova Scotia.

**General Practice Chronic Disease Management Incentive Program
This funding recognizes additional work done by family physicians, beyond office visits, to ensure an annual cycle of guidelines-based care is provided to patients with diabetes and/or ischaemic heart disease and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

**General Practice Collaborative Practice Incentive Program
Encourages family physicians to participate in collaborative care models. 

**General Practice Complex Care Visit
Recognizes the extra work and time required of family physicians to provide ongoing comprehensive care in the office for “complex” patients with three or more eligible chronic diseases. 

General Practice Surgical Assist Incentive Program
Provides an annual incentive payment to family physicians who carry out surgical assists. 

Nova Scotia Facility On-Call Program
This program funds approved GP and specialty on-call rotas. 

CPD Stipends
Family physicians, rural specialists and urban fee for service specialists are eligible for funding to cover part of their expenses for continuing medical education.

Provincial Locum Program
This provincial locum program provides coverage for physicians who require covered for leave for vacation, CME, maternity and medical leave, or illness. 

Rural Specialist Retention Incentive Program
This incentive program encourages specialist physicians to work and stay in rural Nova Scotia communities. 

**Unattached Patient Incentive Program
This program provides one-time funding of $150 for each new unattached patient taken into an eligible family physician’s community office practice following an inpatient or emergency department hospital encounter. 

**Under the terms of the 2015 contract, some of the above funding programs will convert to fees. The incentive programs remain in place until they are converted to fee codes. Physicians should continue to bill for these programs as usual in the interim. 


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