Voice dictation/recognition

Voice dictation/recognition

The use of both digital voice dictation and voice recognition as part of a medical practice are becoming more common as technology develops and medical practices evolve.

What’s the difference between voice dictation and voice recognition?

One collects your notes for transcribing later and the other turns your spoken word into text without the need for transcription.

Digital voice dictation

Digital voice dictation is the evolution of tape-driven dictation tools such as tape recorders and desktop tape transcribers. 

Digital voice dictation recorders have superior audio quality. The completed digital files can be transferred to office staff for transcription with headset and foot pedal, similar to its analog predecessor, or by voice recognition software, such as Dragon Medical, which is used by many physicians in Nova Scotia.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition software transforms spoken words into text.

For example, saying “Dear John, comma, new paragraph, thank you for your email, period” into a microphone connected to a computer, will appear on a computer as:

Dear John,
Thank you for your email.

Benefit of voice dictation and recognition

There are several benefits to using voice dictation and voice recognition technology within your practice. They include:

  • Enhanced ability to use an EMR by reduced keyboarding
  • Improved documentation
  • Elimination or reduction of transcription costs
  • Reduced workload for front office staff

Try before you buy

Dragon Medical allows you to trial their voice recognition software for free. If you’re interested in testing this technology, take a “try before you buy” approach.

Doctors Nova Scotia’s (DNS) EMRs Advisors can install the software for you. This gives you and your office staff the opportunity to determine if it will suit your needs before purchasing it.

Contact an EMR advisor if you would like to try Dragon Medical.

Support available

EMR advisors can help you investigate the use of digital voice dictation and/or voice recognition. They can help you:

  • Understand how to best use the tools
  • Help select the right solution(s)
  • Provide a "pilot" solution when possible
  • Install and configure the software
  • Offer training basics
  • Answer questions


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