Master C/AFP contract

Master C/AFP contract

All C/AFP physicians will receive 2% across-the-board increases in each year of the four-year contract, with payments retroactive to April 1, 2019. The new Clinical/Academic Funding Plan contract will also see $13.5 million dollars in targeted investments.

Improving compensation for C/AFP physicians

The most significant financial investment in the 2019 C/AFP contract is $13.5 million in repair funding, also known as targeted funding. In order to determine how this funding should be distributed, a multi-stakeholder group known as the C/AFP Compensation Committee built a data set comparing the remuneration of numerous academic health science centres across the country, then compared those rates with how Nova Scotia’s C/AFP physicians are paid.

The C/AFP Compensation Committee used this data to determine which of the C/AFP departments are furthest from the national mean. The repair funding from the contract is intended to move these departments closer to their academic peers across the country. This funding will be allocated by the C/AFP Department Heads.

Department-specific funding

Some C/AFP departments will receive funding in addition to what is outlined above.

The Department of Emergency Medicine will receive $800,000 to fund previously unfunded academic time, which will be provided through a $400,000 investment effective Oct. 25, 2019, followed by a second $400,000 on April 1, 2020. (Note: The opportunity to review and adjust the Murray Hybrid Formula will now be available between contract negotiations to allow for increased agility in responding to challenges within the health-care system.) The equivalent of $1.3 million has been earmarked for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to support them in converting from fee-for-service to a C/AFP.

NewMD funding

A total of $9.05 million will be invested in creating new FTEs throughout the province over the life of the contract. From this funding will come three FTEs to help C/AFP physicians respond to the increased academic demands arising from the new Competency by Design medical education model.

Funding for other FTEs will be allocated by the NewMD Committee as per its established process. Note: This province-wide funding does not apply to vacancies, only new FTEs, some of which will be created to fill positions governed by the Master Agreement.

Improved work environment

C/AFP physicians will also benefit from many of the proposed Master Agreement’s commitments to improve their work environment as described in the preceding pages, including meaningful physician engagement in key health-system decisions, an improved audit environment, red-tape reduction, and a functional succession planning system that supports physicians as they transition into or out of practice. C/AFP physicians will also benefit from continued investments in health and dental benefits and the enhanced parental leave program.



Maureen Connolly
Compensation manager, clinical/academic funding plans
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