Accountability and deliverables

Accountability and deliverables

Each C/AFP department’s deliverables are monitored by the C/AFP department heads. Each department head reports to DHW and Dalhousie University on the department’s deliverables on a quarterly basis through the submission of a quarterly scorecard. The department is also responsible for providing a vacancy report, complement report and a report regarding work outside the C/AFP on a quarterly basis. Each department is also required to provide a disbursement report and audited financial statements annually.

C/AFP Governance

The Clinical/Academic Funding Plan Management Group (C/AFPMG), co-chaired by Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) and the Department of Health and Wellness (DHW), provides overall governance and contract oversight. Committees supporting its work include the Committee of C/AFP Department Heads, and the Compensation, Performance Management and Issues Resolution committees.

New in the 2019 C/AFP contract

The 2019 C/AFP contract does not include the 10% holdback that was featured in the previous contract. Instead, each department will ensure its practice plan includes an “income at risk” provision that allows a Department Head to withhold funding for under performance and may also provide increased funding for exceptional performance.

Committee of C/AFP Department Heads 

The mandate of the CC/AFPDH is to provide input, advice and decisions related to matters that impact departments/divisions and which arise from the negotiation, development and administration of C/AFP Agreements.

Compensation Committee 

The Compensation Committee provides oversight and direction on gathering and validating national comparative compensation data. This committee ensures that the data set is maintained and updated.

Performance Management Committee

The purpose of the Performance Management Committee is to develop structures and frameworks relating to the measurement and achievement of deliverables.

Issues Resolution Committee 

The Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) develops processes and procedures to address issues relating to the application, administration and implementation of the Master C/AFP Contract that arise during the term of the contract, and the impact of new occurrences on the funding, deliverables or other commitments made under the AFP contract, such as new modes of service delivery or innovation in clinical care or education. 

This committee is also mandated to hear issues and make recommendations to the C/AFPMG as appropriate, in relation to such issues. 

Dispute resolution

Disputes arising from a C/AFP department’s deliverables or interpretation of the contract or concerns about the impact of new occurrences should be presented to the IRC for review and recommendation to the C/AFPMG.


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Compensation manager, clinical/academic funding plans
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