Billing seminar recordings

Billing seminar recordings

Family medicine billing seminar recordings and materials are available to watch online, on-demand.

APP session

Recorded on April 1, 2023, this billing session was held for alternative payment plan (APP) physicians to support the rollout of the APP accountability framework. View the recording on demand here.

For information about a specific fee code, refer to an earlier recording below, which has been divided into chapters by topic.

Fee-for-service billing seminar

To fill an information gap, Doctors Nova Scotia organized several billing seminars for fee-for-service and alternate payment plan physicians. These sessions were recorded and are now available to watch online, on-demand. Find the recording links below. You may also download the PowerPoint presentation for the session.

Fee information continues to change, check the information in this billing seminar against new information that may have been released. 

Subscribe and review new MSI Physicians’ Bulletins, which provide updates on changes to billing rules and fee values. As noted in this video, search the 2014-present bulletins for key words related to fee codes. Open the document (click here), then:

On your keyboard:
-Click <Ctrl+F> to reveal the search box
-Type a key word or phrase into the search box and press enter

Please note: Physicians are responsible for all their claims, even when those claims are entered by someone else, such as billing staff. MSI is the ultimate authority on physician billing. If you have questions about billing, email MSI and save the response for audit purposes.


The Canadian Health-care System – how it’s organized
Nova Scotia’s Health-care System
Billing Basics

Office Visits – MSU value varies

Counselling, Lifestyle Counselling and Psychotherapy

Add-Ons, Modifiers and Premiums

Other Codes to Be Aware Of

Want to see a fee code change?
MSI audit and appeal and how DNS can help


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