Negotiations 2019

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Negotiations 2019

The 2015 Master Agreement and Clinical/Academic Funding Plan (C/AFP) contracts expire on March 31, 2019. Negotiations began on Nov. 13, 2018.

Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS) engaged in extensive preparations for the next round of contract negotiations. Fulsome preparations for negotiations are important, as DNS needs to understand its members’ top priorities and identify how they align with patient needs and government interests.


The DNS Board of Directors play a prominent role in overseeing negotiations. The Board worked closely with both the Master Agreement Advisory Forum and the C/AFP Members’ Advisory Forum in preparing for and during negotiations. As negotiations progress, check for regular updates online and in your inbox.

Member engagement

In the spring and early summer of 2018, Doctors Nova Scotia conducted extensive member outreach to learn more about members’ priorities for the upcoming contract negotiations. The outreach strategy included a member survey, targeted group meetings, 16 meetings with physicians in academic departments in Halifax and more than 80 meetings with physicians in communities across the province. The association then gathered this input into a fulsome report. Read more about We Asked, You Answered: Doctors Nova Scotia Members’ Negotiation Priorities and download the report.

The association also called for physicians to join two Members’ Advisory Forums, one for Master Agreement physicians and a second for physicians on C/AFP contracts. These forums will inform the negotiating teams during negotiations. Read more about the role of the Members’ Advisory Forums and find out who is serving on the forums.

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Preparations are key to a successful negotiation. Doctors Nova Scotia needs to know what meaningful solutions look like for physicians and their patients. We need to understand your needs and how we can effectively advocate for improvements that will enhance patient care in your community.

Please know that you can always provide direct feedback to the negotiations team via

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